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This section will relaunch with a new title and other goodies in late January.

What is Chords, and where did it come from?

Chords is my new music soapbox: where I will share my musical discoveries, from artists young and old, and releases new and not so (but mostly new).

Why? A lifelong music fan, I landed a dream job of sorts when I went to work for Billboard Online in 1996. After two decades as a fan -- Kiss albums at the age of four; an overpriced stereo at 15; four years as a disc jockey at my college radio station -- I suddenly was surrounded by music and music fans.

I was also in the publishing industry, focusing on music. I slowly became an aficionado and critic in my own right, publishing top ten lists every year and following new releases with serious devotion.

I left Billboard in January 2000, but my interest in music, and writing, has not diminished. Which brings us to Chords, which kicks off with a wrap-up of my most vital listening of the past year. It's an homage to and expansion of my Billboard Online experience.

My hope is that I lead you to explore a diverse new selection of songs and albums and artists, in much the same way as I do. I stumble across new albums, through critical acclaim or by recommendation from others, and with each discovery I smile a bit more. If you find something exciting as a result of visiting Chords, we have both succeeded.

Pop through the links at right to jump into things headfirst, or poke through my Now Playing list from the past year to get a feel for of my musical inclinations.

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