The 'Feels Like' Forecast

Frequently Asked Questions

The Feels Like Forecast is your psychological calendar, sorting out the confusion around what the days really feel like, and providing a handy guide as you prepare for the days ahead.

How do you figure out the days that lie ahead?

Ah, but to tell would be to give away the secret. Does Jelly Belly tell you how they get that popcorn flavor inside the jellybean?

Hey! You said Tuesday would feel like Thursday, but my day dragged like a Monday. How accurate is this thing, anyway?

The Feels Like Forecast makes no guarantees as to the personal accuracy of a forecast. It tries to determine which feeling will be experienced by the greatest amount of people. Unfortunately, even the best meterologist can be wrong. But used properly, this can be a useful guide for scheduling meetings, brewing coffee, re-upping the Viagra, etc.

Whatever made you decide to do this?

I just felt it, kind of like when it's going to rain and your bum knee acts up. That, and a little-known cartoon called Tom the Dancing Bug, by Ruben Bolling. View the inspiration for this page.

Is there a mailing list? Can I have the week ahead delivered on Mondays?

Sorry, the Feels Like Forecast is available via this Web site only. There is no Feels Like Daily Email. Come on back regularly instead.

How old is this thing? What has changed over the years?

The Forecast launched in November 1997 and has been updated more or less regularly ever since.

Very little of the site has been altered since the original launch; some HTML repairs, a color tweak, and the (very) occasional update to this page are all that have been done, in order to preserve the original page's style. In January 2002 the page switched to a database-driven PHP format and introduced live Feels Like Voting (try it!). The address has changed a few times, from through to its current occasion, but the pages were transported in their entirety.

Just who do you think you are?

David Wertheimer, an ordinary guy with no otherwordly powers. (Well, nothing I'd like to share.) Poke around the rest of my site if you'd like to learn more about me.

Has this site won any awards?

Why, yes, I have! Yahoo! designated me a Cool Entertainment Link and Earthlink included me in their Weekly Email Newsletter, both of which have been exciting and enjoyable experiences.

I have also been bestowed with numerous other awards from the masses. I was an Internet Cool Site of the Day and a Top 10 pick of the week by Internet Magazine's Cyberia Channel and the What's On web site. Netsurfer Digest mentioned me in their Surfing Sites area and their weekly email. Cool Central bestowed its hourly pick on me, Nick Ferrie gave me an award, I got a Best of the Web award from (although I didn't see it on the site), and threw me a Wurst of the Web hot dog.

If you need more street cred than that, you may want to visit the forecast daily.

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