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March 29, 2000

Goin' to London! I figured out the details of my trip today. Headed east on a Thursday, working Friday through Wednesday (with the bonus weekend thrown in), returning Wednesday afternoon. Can't wait.

Now that is a halfway decent birthday present.


March 27, 2000

I hung out with this gal last night. Not that I was terribly impressed with that fact, although she sure was.


March 24, 2000

I've been thinking a lot about my birthday this week.

I turn 27 next Wednesday, and in my eyes, 27 is a good age to be. When I first started my job at BPI at age 23, my coworkers were 27, and it seemed like that was the age when life began to come together. I remember thinking years ago about what my life would be like at 27, and that I expected to have a greater understanding of myself, my life and my career by then.

Turning 25 was a bit of a crisis -- I was new to life as a New Yorker and a little lost. When 26 rolled around it was just before I got promoted, but it was no big deal. I shrugged off 26, thinking, "Well, when I turn 27, that's when things get good."

So here I am hitting that golden birthday in a few days, and indeed, things are getting good. My job is about to kick into a higher, more exciting gear. The job itself is right where I want to be right now, and perfectly positions me for the next step forward in my career. My family is doing well, and most of my friends are at enjoyable points in their lives as well. I'm playing music again, working out regularly, and with my new glasses and haircut and clothes, I'm looking pretty good, too. (I'm still single, but I have stopped worrying about that once again.)

In short, I feel good. Good about who I am, where I am, and what I'm headed for.

And indeed, I plan on making 27 as good as I always expected it to be.


March 23, 2000

What was supposed to be an evening of house-cleaning and bill-organizing yesterday turned into a fun night on the town with my new coworkers. My apartment's still a mess, but that's what tonight will be for.

Going out unexpectedly and making new friends is such a great thing.


March 16, 2000

Sometimes I question the wisdom behind my logic.


March 15, 2000

Happiness is having the entire "Run Lola Run" soundtrack on downloaded MP3s.


So far, my "in for a good week" prediction (see below) was less than clairvoyant. My week has been fine, but uneventful. Then again, it's only Wednesday.


March 12, 2000

Not sure why, but I think I'm in for a good week. I'm well-rested and looking forward to my Monday for a change.

With any luck I'll still feel the same way tomorrow morning.

Speaking of which, I finally shook off the Friday blahs this past week, never mind the fact that I got home at 8:30 p.m. and went to bed at 11.


March 10, 2000

Part of me was happier in January when I had dedicated myself to working out and ignoring members of the opposite sex.

Uncertainty and David do not mix. But the end result may be worth it. We shall see.


March 9, 2000

I look thin today.


March 8, 2000

I got a job inquiry via instant message on my Yahoo! Messenger today.

What a crazy industry I'm in.


March 7, 2000

Finally moved desks today and got myself properly situated in my office.

I now have to work with my back to the room when I use my Mac, although I do get a window behind the monitor, which is nice (even though I only look at more offices across an air shaft). More importantly, I have room for two computers now, and I got a tuck-away drawer for my Windows keyboard and mouse.

The drawer is this big, ugly, metal thing that sits atop my desk. The drawer pulls out and down, like the collapsing stairs on a big truck or boat. I look pretty geeky behind it, almost as bad as when I had two computers, two monitors, two keyboards and two mice on one old-fashioned metal desk. But the drawer works, as it brings the keyboard closer to my lap, making it much more comfortable and helping avert a relapse of my RSI.

I have much more surface area on my desk now, and more room around me, too. I think I'm going to like it over here.


My mother is a self-proclaimed dingbat. Interesting.


This winter was brought to me by the letter "A."


March 6, 2000

I've been wary for months, and I'm just about positive now: I am becoming lactose intolerant.

I will spare the details here, but suffice it to say that cheese and milk do not sit well in me. I do still seem to be doing okay with processed dairy products like cream cheese and sour cream.

Looks like I'll be picking up some of those lactaid pills this week to see if they let me eat pizza in peace. Stupid internal organs.


March 3, 2000

I was reminded again this morning that my morning commute time increases by a 2:1 ratio when I leave before 9 a.m. For example, if I leave my apartment at 8:55, I get to work around 9:20. If I want to arrive around 9:10, I have to leave home at 8:35, starting my trip 20 minutes earlier to add 10 minutes to my morning.

I'm used to it now, but this is why a 10-7 work day is so much nicer than 9-6.


March 2, 2000

Diners! This is a nice reminder of my younger, more cholesterol-heavy days. Those of you who've only been to Denny's and Big Boy are sorely missing out.

Of course, I have been to more than one of the places the site's authors have visited. And while I've basically eliminated the 2 a.m. egg platter from my diet, there's a good chance I'll be headed to the Golden Touch again one of these days.

Ah, Jersey. This is why I still have a car in my parents' driveway.


That does it -- I need a weblog. Look for a new, three-tiered Ideapad soon.

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