A note on photos

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I (David) am keeping photos of Nathan on Flickr and cross-publishing them here. This blog will host the best and most Nate-full pictures. Meanwhile, Flickr will host every pic I upload and include more family, friends, dog, etc. Clicking on an image on this site will bring you to its Flickr page, where you can view alternate sizes and make prints.

The Flickr feed is public and I invite you to view Nate here, there and everywhere.


David's full photostream on Flickr (every photo, Nathan or otherwise)

Photos of Nathan on Flickr (every photo that includes Nate)

Photos marked "justnate" on Flickr (avoid those pesky Nate-and-family and Nate-and-Charley photos)

—And don't forget the RSS feed for the hep cats who roll like that.

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Nathan photo feeds on Flickr (5X the fun!)



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