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Nathan is six days old. He has regained almost all his initial weight and got a clean bill of health from the pediatrician this morning. She also put him on his stomach and we saw him push off with his lower legs—pretty heady stuff for a newborn.

Fun early facts about the baby:

  • Nate was born with deep baby blue eyes that seem to be leaning brown. We're hoping he picks up the recessive blue gene from one of his grandfathers, but we doubt it.

  • Early majority opinion is that he looks more like Mom than Dad, although he has a little resemblence to Dad and already shares some of his physical quirks, like sleeping on his hands or with his arms over his head.

  • He likes to sleep on his side, and he turns his head to the side (usually the right) when in our arms.

  • He's already a thumb-sucker, putting his left hand in his mouth when hungry.

  • Nathan is very alert and calm much of the time. When awake, he looks around as best he can.

  • When hungry he does an adorable side-to-side head shake with his mouth open.

  • He sleeps like a champ, often three hours at a stretch. Strollers and car seats work their expected charms.

  • Since everyone is asking: Charley is doing quite well with a baby in the house. He's terribly curious, and he wants to help when the baby cries. But we acclimated dog and baby our first day home and Charley has been relaxed ever since. Half an hour of three-way cuddling worked wonders (and was so fun). Nate and Charley likely will be best buddies as soon as they're able.

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