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First day of school

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First day of school, originally uploaded by netwert.

Preschool, that is, all 20 minutes of it. September 16

Eatin' it old school

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Eatin' it old school, originally uploaded by netwert.

Pizza with Grandpa, July 2010

Sir Toppam Hatt

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Sir Toppam Hatt, originally uploaded by netwert.

And Grandpa. July 2010

Sandy belly

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Sandy belly, originally uploaded by netwert.

South Beach, Martha's Vineyard, August 30

Nathan's ideal iPod playlist

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In rough chronological order. Kid's off to a nice start:

"Sleep, Baby, Sleep," Attila Fias' Tender Lullabies
"Hello Everybody," Music Together
"Father Goose," Dan Zanes and Friends
"What a Wonderful World," Louis Armstrong
"Whole World," Putumayo
"Great Big Stars," Music Together
"Allee Galloo," Music Together
"Only a Memory," the Smithereens (or, as he says, "Only a Nummery")
"All the Pretty Ponies," Kenny Loggins
"I Like It," Enrique Iglesias (or, as he says, "Don't Stop Baby")

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