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Having received roughly 60 pieces of comment spam in the past few days, and having an audience that is not prone to commenting, the comment feature on the site has been turned off. I may turn on comments for individual items but that's about it.

Love a photo? Please head to its Flickr page (just click on its image) to rave about adorable Nathan and what a phenomenal photographer his father is. Subtly, of course.

Site update, July 5

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For those interested in even more Nathan immersion, I am pleased to note the following:

  • Comments seem to be working properly now. Click the Comments link under any title to read and write comments. This is currently enabled on all posts (photos and blog entries).

  • The Flickr feed is finally in the sidebar. Click either of the links on the top of the right-hand column to see many, many more photos. The top link is the full flow Nathan feed; the "Nathan-only" link knocks out anything that's not solo-baby cuteness, for those who like their baby pictures unencumbered by dogs, parents, etc.
A reminder for the unfamiliar: Flickr is a photo sharing site with the functionality of, say, Kodak Gallery (which I still call ofoto, but I digress) and without the pesky login requirements and "I've shared my photos!" emails. Amy and I will rarely be sending alerts that we've posted; instead, the Flickr feed is my repository for shared pictures (more than 150 already), while this blog shows the best of those images (roughly 40 posts, or just under 25% of the Flickr feed). At some point I'll begin uploading video, too, either on Flickr or with an alternate program.

Too much writing, not enough photography. Back to the images.

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Nathan photo feeds on Flickr (5X the fun!)


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