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Ooooooh, originally uploaded by netwert.

Baloons and balls are fun... helium balloons are fascinating. March 28


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Curiosity, originally uploaded by netwert.

Spinning toys at Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk, CT, March 28

I do love balloons

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I do love balloons, originally uploaded by netwert.

Mack's 2nd birthday at Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk, CT, March 28


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Mwah!, originally uploaded by netwert.

At Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk, CT, March 28

Nate crawls!

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Nate crawls!, originally uploaded by netwert.

Not shown: the hour he spent playing Fetch with himself, complete with gleeful baby noises. March 15

Bartender, jusht one more, I shwear

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Bartender, just one more, I shwear, originally uploaded by netwert.

At temple, actually, at Jordan's bar mitzvah, March 14

I dunno, what are you ordering for breakfast?

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Considering room service at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton, March 14


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Nate-in-a-box, originally uploaded by netwert.

March 4

O blog curator, why hast thou forsaken me

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People have shifted from asking me, "When do you find the time to update Nate's blog?" to "How come you haven't updated Nate's blog?" The answers are the same: Sunday nights, and my Sunday night routine has changed. Rest assured Nate is doing great. Photo and video posts will be a bit sporadic until April.

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