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Famous Amadeus (pronounced "salmonalmadaya")
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

(He also likes Eli.)

Nathan at age two

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35 inches, 31 pounds, and talking up a storm.

Kids these days

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Nathan sent his first text message today, his nine-month birthday. Typed it, pressed Send, the whole bit, completely unassisted, just flailing, lucky thumbs. So sophisticated! He's reaching for the iPhone to do it again as I write this.

His prose, retyped here for posterity:

"zxaqaqno P"

Update: He just called Rigoletto Pizza. Maybe I should lock the phone.

Shirt collars
Drawstrings on his pants
The lapel of his winter coat
Stroller harness straps
Several plush toys
Plastic teething rings
Sophie the giraffe
The paper table topper at Landmarc
Clothing labels
A Poland Spring watter bottle
A TV remote control
An iPhone protective case
An iPhone charging stand
An iPhone
Two telephones
A business card
A soapy washcloth
A camera

N.B. Charley has thus far avoided his imminent fate.

Three months

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Nathan is now three months old. (Actually, he's 14 and a half weeks! Where does the time go?) I am pleased to note that we've had near-perfect growth and behavior.

Nate is, as of Friday's pediatric visit, 24 1/2 inches tall and just shy of 15 pounds. He's getting control of his motor skills and is a big fan of kicking and pinwheeling when happy.

Like his dad--as a child, at least; Dad's not like this anymore--Nathan has an excellent attention span, particularly for an infant his age. When captivated by a toy, a mobile, or the trees in the park, he can easily spend 45 minutes focused and content. He's cooing and laughing on and off all day, and he's quick to smile for Mom and Dad when he sees them.

Most importantly, Nate is a champ of a sleeper. After a week or so of midnight-to-9 a.m. nights, we eliminated his late-night feeding, and for the past two days he has slept from 8:45 p.m. to 7:30 a.m., give or take. He's officially sleeping through the night, going to bed and waking up happy. (And so are his parents.)

Mom and Dad marvel at his fast early growth: the clothes he's outgrown, the bassinets that are already too small, how different he looks. But mostly we marvel at our good fortune. Nathan is good-natured, easygoing, satisfied; he rarely cries without reason and is relaxed in his stroller and in the car. Lots of smiles for parents and grandparents alike. Every day is a fun day for him and for us.


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Went to the pediatrician today. At six weeks, Nathan weighs 10 lbs, 12 oz. and is 22 inches long. First immunization shot went smoothly. Massaging blocked tear ducts, a little less so. He is sleeping comfortably on Nana's lap while Mom takes a well-deserved lunch break with a friend.

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