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updated November 7, 2003

I have long been a fan of About pages, FAQs, and colophons. Thus, a colophon of my own: the facts behind the publication as they pertain to

All of NetWert was created in Internet longhand: graphical prototypes, hand-drawn mockups, hard-coded HTML, lots of math. I used Adobe Photoshop and Bare Bones' BBEdit on Macintosh G3 and G4 computers for nearly all of the design process. Good ol' Fetch sends my files to my host, Pair Networks.

The content of the site was once written entirely in BBEdit; it is now mostly posted to a home-brewed PHP/SQL database developed by David Miller, my partner in crime on assorted pet projects. David Miller maintains the databases and does most of the PHP coding; I tweak the outputs and layout to my taste and do all the HTML and CSS that comprises the displays.

My search engine is now run by Google.

The NetWert logo and page heads are rendered in assorted forms of the Trebuchet MS font, as they have been for several years. Text is preferably displayed in Verdana, at assorted sizes, and alternately in another sans-serif font based on user specifications.

The site is designed for true-color CRT and LCD displays set to 800x600 or greater resolution. NetWert makes use of both tabled layouts and cascading style sheets for its visual output. It was tested on a variety of browsers in both Windows and Macintosh environments. Several CSS workarounds can be found in the code that ensured consistent page rendering.

All text, images, layout and code, including "Ideapad," "Getting It Right," "Quite Keen," the NetWert logo, and the dripping-dot fading graphics are copyright © David Wertheimer. All rights reserved.

Unless noted, all of Netwert is written by David Wertheimer and is non-fiction.



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