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April 24, 2000

That's the thing about loneliness: No matter how well the rest of your life is going, all you think about when you go to bed at night is the unnerving truth that you're alone.


April 21, 2000

Thoughts from London, posted in reverse chronological order.


My job should get really good next week. (today)


A nice side benefit of being in London is that I'm not reminded as often about the dreadful performance of my tech stocks. (Sun 16)


Chloe may be onto something here. (Sun 16)


Wearing blue jeans and white sneakers in London is highly akin to hanging a placard around one's neck that reads, "HELLO! I AM AN AMERICAN." (Sat 15)


Being an airline passenger strikes me as being someone's pet. I sit obediently, and do as I'm told by a detached voice that makes references to things I'm too stupid to understand. I drink when I'm handed a drink, I eat when I'm given food, and I'm real nice to the crew in the hope that should I really need their help, they'll be willing to assist me. Meanwhile, the crew, behind their smiles and clean accents, have a glint in their eyes hinting that as nice as I may be, I'm still just another chore to be taken care of. Perversely, the "Fetch, Fido!" command works in reverse. (Thu 13)


April 18, 2000

Hi. I'm in London.

It's been a great trip all around. Had some very productive time in the office, trolled around London to my heart's content, and had a ton of fun hanging out with Martin (Ma'in!) far more often than I had anticipated. Martin and his friends made my weekend, really.

Tomorrow afternoon it's back to the states and a big holiday meal as soon as I get to my parents' house, somewhere around 1 a.m. London time. I'm much worse at this jetlag thing than I expected.

I have more share (weblog and journal) and will post it en masse when I get back to New York and have a few minutes to put my thoughts together better.


April 12, 2000

Hey, I just got interviewed by a Daily News writer about That's pretty cool.


April 11, 2000

Confidental to HTML Student in Turtle Bay: hi there!


April 10, 2000

One can usually gauge how content I am with life by the frequency with which I update my journal. The less annoyed I am at the world, the less I post (even when I have good things to share).

That basically means that my lack of updates lately is a good thing. Expect more of the same for the next two weeks as I spend time in London.


April 6, 2000

My brain is a little fried right now. I think all the late nights I've had this week (not eventful, just late) are starting to catch up with me.

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