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Latest column, and a history

My latest column was published last night: Five Steps to Start Your M-commerce Strategy on Multichannel Merchant.

Anna points out that there's no one place on my site that logs all my published moments. So I made one. The list is both nice and long, and way too short. Always keep writing!

I'll have to find a home for this information, but for now, a quick rundown of my solicited external work, in reverse chronological order:


Multichannel Merchant, 2009
Five Steps to Start Your M-commerce Strategy

iMedia Connection, 2008
Tips for making the best impression with your emails
5 ways to avoid common email blunders

Digital Web, 2002-2004
Better Than a Human
Don't Forget to Architect the Home Page
The redesign of Economist.com
Making a Timeless User Experience
99.9% of Proper Grammar Is Obsolete
Beyond the IA Guy
Look Before You Ask
First Time Caller

Billboard, 1996-1999
I published a series of year-end Top 10 lists that appeared on both billboard.com and in Billboard magazine. Sadly, the online ones are gone and the print ones are behind a pay wall (if they're there at all). For some reason my byline is on this article about Sugar Ray, which I may have written, although I don't remember talking to Mark McGrath, but we'll run with it.


I co-authored Usability: the Site Speaks for Itself and was a technical editor of Practical Web Traffic Analysis.


I write regularly here and on aiaio, the Ai blog.

I penned Timely Demise semi-professionally for 15 months until, well, yesterday.

Boing Boing, 2009
Review: Ultimate Ears super.fi 5 in-ear monitors
Review: A week with the Etymotic hf2
Review: three weeks with Audio-Technica's ATH-ANC3 noise-canceling headphones
Review: two tough weeks with the Shure SE310s
Review: JVC's HA-NC250 noise-canceling headphones
Review: Klipsch's Image X5s headphones
Review: Audio Technica ATH-CK7 headphones
Review: a week with the Etymotic ER-4 microPro
Review: Shure's SE530 headphones and faith restored
Review: Sennheiser's IE8 noise-isolating headphones

Dack.com, 2001
In Sweet Harmony
Pop Goes the Fuzz Rock

Musicrag, 2001
I did a couple of posts that are floating around the archives somewhere.

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