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Executive Education Outlook
Exec Ed 468x60 (January 2002)
Exec Ed 250x250 (January 2002)
MBA 468x60 (November 2001)
MBA 250x250 (November 2001)
MBA non-animated pop-up (November 2001)

Subscription drive
Print and Web combo ad pop-up (November 2001)
Online subscriptions upgrade 250x250 (November 2001)
Online subscriptions non-animated pop-up (October 2001)

Cities guide
Buenos Aires guide 300x250 (November 2001)

Note: More 2001 ads will be posted shortly
Global Agenda
Read our minds 468x60 (November 2000)
Internet time 468x60 (November 2000)
Recounts 468x60 (November 2000)

General site ads
Dot.commentary 468x60 (September 2000)
Dot.commentary 120x800 (September 2000)
Big Mac Index 125x125 (September 2000)
Big Mac Index 120x800 (September 2000)
Economist a go go 468x60 (September 2000)
Economist a go go 120x240 (September 2000)
Learn rate 125x125 (September 2000)
Learn rate 120x240 (September 2000)
Recounts 468x60 (September 2000)

Site branding fall 2000
Unique users 468x60 (June 2000)
Frequently answered questions 468x60 (June 2000)
Search complete 468x60 (June 2000)


Review database
Billboard/Liquid Audio Reviews Database interstitial page (November 1999)
Review database mini-ad 120x60 (Februray 1999)
Review database promo 120x90 (December 1998)
Review database promo 140x83 (November 1998)
Review database, Billboard vs. Rolling Stone 468x60 (November 1998)

The Year In Music
The Year In Music 1998 468x40, coordinated with site design (December 1998)

Billboard charts
Chart Rewind: 10 years ago 468x60 (September 1998) to
New URL 100x130 (January 1997)
New URL 160x98 (December 1996)
New URL original 468x60 (November 1996)


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