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links for 2010-04-06

  • I feel like if I'd had an iPad in my hands the past three days I'd have written exactly what Henry Blodget writes here. Gorgeous, fun, a bit frivolous and unnecessary, and the first firm strike in a cultural shift to new computing models
  • More amusement on the iPad hype. From Fred Wilson, who it seems wanted to like his: "I am excited to put two Velcro strips on the back of this thing and mount it to my elliptical trainer. It's perfect for that application and my blog reading and occasional posting from the elliptical will benefit mightily from the iPad." Now there's some fine ROI!
  • iPad naysayer punditry is arguably as fun as anything on the iPad itself. Choire Sicha: "I don't need a $650 SCRABBLE MACHINE. I don't even need a ZERO DOLLAR Scrabble machine. If I wanted to play Scrabble, I'd spend more time on Facebook. And if I wanted to have a gigantic iPhone that doesn't make phone calls, and basically looks like a thumbprint and hand grease analyzer, well I'm sure that SAMSUNG makes a product that suits my needs."


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